Best Twitter Profile of the Month

This month I pick Jason as the Twitter Profile of the Month. I like the unassuming, understated and the simply stated. I do have a thing for ordinary guys. I even like good guys.

“Suddenly tempted to paste my typewriter with band stickers, like the guitar case of some longhair rock-and-roller type”. – Jason Crock

Write a Minute Film

Hint Fiction, The Film

You have a camera.
You have a crew.
You have actors.
You have 25 words.
You have 1 minute.
Do you have what it takes?

Write and film a minute long movie based on the short stories selected on the site. Further details will appear in August when they are open for submissions.… Read the rest

My Fortune?

I feel ready for that alien, today. I’d like to take off in a spaceship, see the world – all of it. Then spin off for a vacation to parts unknown.

Heart Stirring my Canadianisms

I have that cookie cutter, more than one of the same kind even. I’m not much of a tea drinker. But, this image just appeals to me so much, I had to cut and paste it over here. It’s on several sites so I’m not even including a link. (The first couple of sites only had a thumbnail and sent me looking for the original site which did not even have the image up any more).… Read the rest