Vintage Doll Found on the Shelf

Do you remember this doll? I spotted this poor girl in a GoodWill thrift store this week. She was not in great shape, some hair had caught on something and pulled loose from her updo. Her dress was torn and she was a little dirty. Not things I couldn’t fix but as nice as it was to revisit my girlhood, I did not want to take her home.… Read the rest

53 Links about Cell Phone Photography

I didn’t know about iPhoneography until reading the word on BinaryDad’s Twitter profile. I don’t have a cell phone and haven’t looked into them. One thing I know about myself is the enjoyment of not being entirely connected. I like having that edge of escapism, the hermit in me. So I resist getting a mobile/ cell phone; a needy creature that will leach onto me 24 hours a day insisting I actually give it my time and attention.… Read the rest

Geek Girl Problems

Found as a hashtag on Twitter – #GeekGirlProblems

What is a Geek Girl problem you may wonder? According to the posts on Twitter they include:

  • Finding a Buffy and Spike wedding cake topper.
  • Wanting white hair like Storm in X-Men.
  • Locating or making DIY designer bookcases.
  • Trainer at the gym might be a Cylon.

Most are about fictional characters… is that all there is to Geek Girls?… Read the rest

You are not a Failure

Copying this from the Book Dreaming blog

Failure does not mean I’m a failure;
It does mean I have not yet succeeded.

Failure does not mean I have accomplished nothing;
It does mean I have learned something.

Failure does not mean I have been a fool;
It does mean I had enough faith to experiment.

Failure does not mean I have disgraced;
It does mean I have dared to try.

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Horror Stories for Short Attention Spans

I wrote Fairy Tales for Short Attention Spans, now I’m working on Horror Stories for Short Attention Spans cause it’s good to make your brain work in different directions.

Write something short and twisted and horrifyingly spooky. Keep it to the length of just one paragraph with a beginning, middle and an ending.

Jack was exploring an old, derelict mansion, creating a photo documentary.

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