Write to Bird Chatter

Put the sound of bird chatter in your mind. If you haven’t heard them in awhile find an audio file online, there’s bound to be at least one on YouTube. Now write. What does the sound of the birds bring to your mind? I think it would be really interesting to know what each person writes with the sound of birds chattering in the background.… Read the rest

Clever Sometimes?

The oddest little thing you post to Twitter can catch someone’s interest. I posted

“Some days I feel I AM that sound a door makes when it creaks open in a horror movie. Sort of slow and agonized and slightly creepy.”

today. Was nice to see it get passed around and marked as a favourite.  It was just a quick feeling, not something I put thought into.… Read the rest

Grey Can Be Pretty Too

We think of grey as a gloomy colour, for sad things, rainy days. But, grey is a darker shade of silver and grey is pretty too.

This grey flower comes from the Etsy shop, Vivitoo. I also found a crocheted floral necklace in grey in the same shop. I don’t know why the chain is metal instead of keeping it in fiber/ yarn all the way.… Read the rest

Who Was I?

I was having coffee and feeling kind of lazy and though I needed to push myself out of the chair and into unloading the dishwasher, I stalled. One of the Bourne Identity movies came on (I don’t even know which one from the series). At some point it shows a hand printed note that starts with the headline: “Who Was I?”Read the rest

Butter Moths are Free

Pick a word, like butterflies. How did that word come to be? Were there some flying insects around the butter churn one day and forever after flying insects with pretty wings shall be known as butterflies? Or was it some odd story about people throwing butter during an argument and a splat of butter landed on a flying bug and ….… Read the rest

The Dream gets a bit Spoiled

Have you ever wished to be a pirate? Maybe a pirate wench rather than someone expected to run with big knives and all of that. I’d like to sail on a tall ship. To hear the creaking timbers, the waves against the ship. I’d like to feel the wind and the sway and pitch of the ship.… Read the rest

Dead Men Tell No Tales

“Dead men tell no tales” – Hiriam Breakes

From Deep Sea News: Hiriam Breakes was a Dutch pirate, the second son to the Councillor of the Island of Saba in the Netherlands Antilles. In his twenties, he stole the ship and cargo of his employers and renamed the vessel The Adventurer. Almost immediately he came upon the Chilean vessel “Acapulco” which was carrying 200,000 small gold bars.

Read the rest

Pretty for Spring Flowers

Spring is very much here. Outside the Spring flowers are blooming and… it’s been raining all day. Grass is green, robins are pecking around for worms and I’m ready to feel pretty again.

I found a “Blushing Necklace” at Nesting Pretty Things shop on Etsy.  Very pretty with that romantic, soft and slightly fragile look.… Read the rest

Hug or Be Destroyed

These Goth Princess things make me think of my sister. Not that she was nasty or whatever. But she had attitude. But, when your little sister has attitude it just seems kind of cute. Even if it makes her mad.