Dictionary Flip

Pick ten words out of the dictionary, randomly.

Pull all of these words together into a story, poem or even a non-fiction article if you can stretch your wits, your imagination and your creativity further. Make it sincere or sarcastic.

The main thing is to find a way to use those random words as if you meant to use them all along.

My Cats are on Facebook

You can’t always get what you want. I miss having cats around but I only like cats outside. So for now I am living in a suburban area and just don’t have cats. Except for my cats on Facebook.

Is that pitiful or just silly?

Their names are Dinah and Eliza. They don’t like too much petting and they catch their own fish.

Your Welcome Home Party

It’s nice to come home after being away. You might be off on a safari or just away to the grocery store. But that feeling of being home again when you walk in the door is a nice one.

My family used to have Welcome Home parties when we were a lot younger. My Dad sometimes traveled for his business.… Read the rest

Paleofuture: The Old Future Plans

Paleofuture is a blog that looks at past predictions of the future. Remember flying cars, meal pills, hoverboards, jetpacks, robot maids…?

What past prediction, or fictional invention would you most like to have become real and available for everyday use? For me a time machine is the first thing I think of. But, that’s a really complicated thing to make available for everyday use.… Read the rest

Create Your Personal Almanac

I like to pick up The Farmer’s Almanac each year. I’m not a farmer, not even a heavy gardener. I just enjoy the articles, and the pictures. A few years ago we got a Canadian Almanac from the magazine, Harrowsmith Country Life. So this is the one I pick up now.

Create a personal almanac, like an inventory of your life.… Read the rest