Write a Twitter Bio that gets Noticed

Keep it simple, you only have 160 characters to work with. Not enough space to explain a lot about yourself. Yet, it needs to be kept uncomplicated.  Look up shorter, more direct words in a thesaurus, as needed.

Add some personality but keep out anything you don’t want your Mother, boss, children, etc to read. If it’s too personal, save it for your personal blog where you can post and show off your greatest Twitter bio created but never used. It should only be read by those who understand your sense of humour.

Don’t turn your bio into a sales pitch. Twitter is social, personal on some level. This isn’t the time to shamelessly self promote. Save that for your tweets, sparingly I hope.

Narrow down your focus, especially if you want to advertise your business or services or goods for sale. Stick everything in one sentence. Not an endless sentence. Leave space to add something that shows your personality or unique interests/ hobbies.

Use complete sentences, punctuation and grammar to the best of your ability. Spellcheck is your friend.

If you have more than one Twitter account make a note that this is your professional account or that this account is for personal tweeting only. Save people the confusion if they want to follow you for your professional tweets or personal.

If you use a tagline, add that too. Especially if it describes you in some way, this will do double duty as branding you and describing you in your bio. (Limited space makes you think about every character you can pack into it).

Just because you have 160 characters to work with does not mean you should use them all. A sparse, simple bio is more likely to be read and get noticed than something longer. Ironic, when they are all short, but true. (I do it myself when I am reading Twitter bios).

Think about the followers you would most like to find you. Write your Twitter bio to them, as if you were offering a comment about yourself as an introduction.

People talk about the importance of keywords for SEO but the real importance of keywords is for the people who read them. What catches your interest when you read someone’s Twitter bio? Usually it is something you have in common with them. So don’t be afraid to describe the basic things about who you are: a Mother, a Dad, or an alien from another planet. (You never know!)

Of course, I don’t follow all of my own rules, but most of them:

Laura Brown
@thatgrrl Ontario, Canada
“Adorable, in a wicked, modest way that only the ego-
maniacal can pull off”, says Gracie. Freewriting niche
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