Three Things to do This Month

Three Things to do This Month:

  1. Have a hot shower with your favourite scented body soap. Take time to pamper yourself, right down to trimming your toenails.
  2. Write a real letter to someone you love. A letter that takes up two full pages, is written on real paper and requires a stamp to get delivered.
  3. Go through your clothes closet. Pull out anything you haven’t worn in the past year and recycle it. Try not to get soft-hearted about too many things – think of that poor support pole in your closet having to hold up all that stuff.

Homemakers magazine does this each month. I think it’s a great idea. Their current one (from the February/March issue) is Three Things to do This Winter: Walk in snowshoes. Take zinc for your immune system. Knit a pair of funky socks.

Write your own Three Things to do list.

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