The Most Awesome Writing Genre

Have you started NaNoWriMo 2010? I try most years and never get very far. I did make it to over 5,000 words once. That was my personal best. I think it is a lack of planning ahead, a lack of keeping a schedule in the present and a lack of sticking with it overall. I still like to look for inspiration. Maybe this is the year I actually make it! I’d settle for coming close.

I found a post a Operation Awesome which I like. What Makes Fantasy Awesome by Janice Hardy.

I like her list and agree with all of it:

  • Magic
  • Dragons
  • Delicious Villains
  • High Stakes
  • Funny Sidekicks
  • Other Worlds
  • Pacts with Something Nasty
  • Girls with Weapons
  • Talking Animals
  • Anything is Possible

It’s a great list to inspire me to write for NaNoWriMo. It’s good to remember you actually like what you are writing. It is easier to return and stick with it when you enjoy doing so.

You could write a list like this for each genre, whether you are a writer or reader of that genre. What is awesome about mysteries, horror, non-fiction?

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