Rewilding: An Education in Food

Foraging for wild food isn’t new, the early pioneers did it and people were foraging for food all through the history of mankind. It is just new to us, in this day and age, where the local supermarket has everything from diaper wipes to lettuce imported from China. Our ancestors had the knowledge about wild foods which we lack. I don’t know what will happen with our good old planet Earth but it seems that a know-how of wild plants would be a good thing for us all, even in North America where food is so easy to find in grocery stores and restaurants.

Rewilding is about living within our means, not in dollars but in sense, in keeping with the resources we have and maintaining/ building a lifestyle that won’t strip our planet bare.

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Little City Farm

We are an urban homesteading family trying to live simply and sustainably in a mid-sized city in southwestern Ontario. We aim to provide many of our basic needs (food, water, shelter, energy, transportation) while reducing our impact on the environment.

City Farmer News

ForageSF was conceived of by Iso Rabins in early 2008, with the mission to connect Bay Area dwellers with the wild food that is all around them.

Feral Kevin – Foraging, bushcraft, permaculture and rewilding.

Urban Scout – “Over a decade ago I began to realize that the agrarian civilized lifestyle would not reach a point of sustainability. The more I studied hunter-gatherers, the more intriuged I became as to how they lived in such an egalitarian, sustainable manner. I decided to make it my life goal to live as a hunter-gatherer. I call this process rewilding”. Note, Urban Scout also has a rewilding forum.

Plants for a Future – is a resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses. We practise vegan-organic permaculture with emphasis on creating an ecologically sustainable environment based largely on perennial plants.

Wikiepedia: Freeganism

Could you find something to eat (something safely edible) in your own backyard, or some place like a park near your home? Give it a try. Write about your experience and, especially, write about any recipe you try with your wild food.

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