Plain as Day Directions?

Think of a place you have been to today, maybe out for coffee, out to work, as long as you had to get out of your homespace. Think about the route you took to get there. Things you needed along the way, like a bus pass, your purse. Anything you stopped for such as coffee or cash at the bank machine.

Could you describe your route and all your stops along the way to your destination. Write out directions and instructions for someone else (assume they do not live in your area and will not know the street names or landmarks). When you read back your directions do they make sense? Could you follow them clearly yourself? Test them out on someone if you can. See how clear they are to another person.

Writing directions can be tricky. Women look at landmarks while men, typically, want street names and plain directions with right, left, north, west, etc. Beyond that, everyone notices different things along the route. Something that seems plain as day to you may go unnoticed by someone else.

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