Personal Shoppers Get Retail Therapy for Hire

How nice does it sound to spend a lot of time shopping, bargain hunting, day tripping around town and not spending any of your own money? In fact, you get paid to do it!

I doubt the actual job is as deluxe as it sounds. Working for someone else is still working for someone else, following rules, having a schedule, meeting a budget and so on. But, it does sound like an ideal job for a shopoholic or a hoarder. Lots of window shopping without stacking up your credit card debt or having a home full of clutter.

Your clients would range from business people too busy to get all their errands run, senior citizens or others who can’t get around easily, and others who don’t want to do the research to decide what the best buy would be. It would be a busy around holidays like Christmas. Still, a career you could keep up all year, taking advantage wedding season and other times when people traditionally buy more.

Would it be a creative job? Possibly. The research (looking for the item at the best price or something harder to find) could be interesting and creative. Helping clients come up with colours and designs that would would give you a creative outlet too. You might get some travel in it, if you need to drive into an urban area to stock up for someone or buy more exclusive items.

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Have a look at some Personal Shoppers:

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  • Let Me Help You – Make up and hair shopper based in Alberta.
  • The Errand Girls – Personal concierge, home staging and virtual assistants based in B.C.

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