Make a Visual Guide to your Character

Next time you have a stack of magazines you have read through or found somewhere, go on a treasure hunt. Look for photos of characters you could create/ write about. See if you could find the fashions they would wear. The destinations they would travel to on vacation. The way they would get rid of someone, assuming something drastic happened. Where would they build their home and what kind of home would it be?

Find as many pictures as you can to illustrate a character of your own design. Build up a collage of experiences for your character. Give yourself a visual guide to who they are and how they think. If you get stuck while writing it’s nice to have inspiration you can see right in front of you.

If you don’t have a character you are writing make the collage for yourself. What pictures can you find to illustrate your life experiences, your favourites and things you would like to do someday?

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