From the Expanding Unidirectional Ring of Pages: EUROPa

You may not have been online when EUROPa began in 1994. You may never have heard of Denis Howe who is credited as the creator of the first webring service. Take a look at the sites that come up as you click to explore EUROPa, it suffers due to link rot and abandoned sites, it doesn’t go as far as it once did.

Step 4 in creating your EUROPa page was to “Put something interesting in the ‘Other Links’ section.” This didn’t mean a list of your favourite sites, or the blogs from your feed reader, or a list of your own collection of sites you work on. It was a list of links people would find unique, original and even… interesting.

I don’t know what my list of links were originally. The site I had my EUROPa page on is long gone. But, the creation of the links is still something we can all do. What links would you come up with? Maybe you have a hobby few people know about? Maybe you create an odd form of art? Maybe you have an odd collection of some kind and know a few others who have the same? Everyone has something.

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