Email Bankruptcy

Amanda at BloggerBuster declared email bankruptcy in May this year. She is trying to bring her site back to life after taking a break for several months. It is a chore to catch up and revamp and find out what you didn’t keep up with while you were ignoring your blog awhile. She decided not to catch up on emails, just too much back email. So she is starting fresh. Probably a very good idea.

Could you declare email bankruptcy or would you feel too guilty about ignoring that many emails?

Maybe you could take a step in clearing out email clutter instead. How many of those email newsletters and lists have you actually read this past week? One? A few? Or maybe none at all? If you don’t want to unsubscribe from each one (some just will not go away even if you do unsubscribe they just sign you up for some other list) then use your email filters to have them all go directly into the trash. With Gmail you can even have them miss the inbox entirely and go directly to trash, do not pass go.

I know there are still people who recommend email newsletters as a good thing to bring people to your site and etc. Do not do it! It will only be a huge waste of your time and energy at this point. Email newsletters had their time. I think almost none of them are read these days. Just too much information overload in email for them to have much hope of being found and then given reader attention.

Think of Twitter as a better option.

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