Could you Start a Shopping Blog

My friend, Deanna, and I were talking about blogging and our mutual need for more money. I cut and pasted part of our conversation (from Yahoo Messenger).

You really should try a shopping sort of blog; it’s not “writing” really (or at least not usually), but it can make money because of affiliate money and google ads (let’s face it, Google ads are paid for by people selling stuff, so…)

If money weren’t an issue (a big leap, I know!), what would you buy or at least enjoy shopping for?

That’s how I came up with lingerie. I love it, which I could afford (and now, fit into) it, so I combined that with my marketing & retail knowledge (rants) and it’s doing really well.

What would you buy or enjoy shopping for, if money weren’t an issue? You can set up a blog in a few clicks with Blogger or and give a shopping blog a try. Explore the idea, see how far you can take it and if you can get it making money.

I’ve been a bit of a writing snob when it comes to blogging. Yet, even I, have looked at the glossy photos on some shopping blogs and dreamed of doing more than window shopping. If I had the money I would have bought spent some.

Now I’ve got the domain and am making the plans. If nothing else, I will enjoy looking and window shopping while online. If it makes money that will be even better.

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