Bullfighting Family Man

Watching an animal show about animals in trouble and animal attacks. Up came a bit about Brandon McClure, bullfighter. It was shown over and over (as these shows love to replay the action about a dozen times), Brandon being thrown by a bull, 5 or 6 different times. Once he was thrown about 15 feet into the air. He did survive. In his interview he talks all macho about fighting and courage.

Brandon has a wife. She is there watching. I didn’t hear if there were also children. Possibly there were or there are by now. Does it occur to anyone but myself how irresponsible and downright selfish it is for a married man (a family man) to be fighting bulls for no reason but sport? It’s one thing to be an adrenaline junkie when you’re single and won’t make your wife a widow. Even then most of these guys do have parents and other family. At least they are not dependents or partners.

I think it is incredibly selfish, self-centred and uncaring to take stupid risks with your life just for sport when he is a family man. If he wanted that kind of life he should never have chosen to be with someone. No one during the filming of the show seemed to consider this. But, it gave me a tear to watch it and see the wife report what she had seen and felt on the scene. He recovered and was back to bullfighting less than a week later. It must be some kind of culture thing or blindspot. What do you think? Could you write an essay on the topic?

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