Biker Chic

Have you ever thought of yourself as a biker chick? The things you would do, the adventures you could have? The leather outfits? The open roads? The power of riding a big machine? I have. I would be surprised if there is a woman who hasn’t thought about being a biker chick, even just to herself, secretly.  It sounds fun, free and a real break from the regular life of being a good woman, daughter, Mother and all the other roles we taken on every day.

Get a vision of yourself as a biker chick. See the life you lead and then write about it. Develop the character. Give her a background, different from your own. Bring the character of the biker chick to life.

Does your biker chick have a touch of Mad Max, something of the science fiction/ distopia/ apocalypse theme? Mine does. She’s a survivor of more than just her personal past.

I started thinking about biker chicks today after looking at a link to Garage Party, which has a contest for a biker chic make over.

Pink Biker Chic – The world is full of ways to shift into gear and align yourself with your own truth. The Pink Biker Chic programs are the GPS for feminine transformation.  We take women from heels to wheels and help them take control of the handlebars of their own life, value who they are and walk in their authentic power through the Power of PINK.

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