Angst Can Age Well

I was listening to music my nephew put on this morning. It got me started thinking about music, who performs it, writes it and who listens to the new music. I don’t dare to call it rock music any more. They seem to have so many genres and subgenres for it now that rock seems to have become it’s own subgenre rather than a general description.

The music my nephew listens to comes from people just a little older than he is, 14 years old. They write about love and love lost, almost all the songs are on the same theme. A few are about personal angst, teenage angst. Young people don’t yet know about the angst of someone who has seen more of life, had more time for the drama and the good and bad. I think they could use a balance of opinions.

As someone with an older view on the world (whatever your actual age at this time) what song would you write? What topic would you write about and how would you put it into words and verse for a song?

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