Abandoned on the Planet

Remember that being by oneself is not the same as being abandoned. The world is still there. – Barbara Feldon

What if the world stopped being there? What if one morning you woke up to the sound of your alarm clock. You start your morning routine and begin to notice how very quiet it is. When you look out the window you can see cars on the street, all the usual things are there but not one person anywhere in sight. Depending on where you live this could see a big deal or no big deal at all. You turn on the radio or the TV to get an update on the news, only it’s all just static. Every station, every channel… just fuzz.

The water works, you have a shower, brush your teeth. The power is still on you notice as you open the fridge for breakfast. But, it’s all quiet. Oddly quiet.

You feel cheered up when you hear a bird outside. Things must be ok if the birds are still chirping.

But, things are very different today. Without explanation you are suddenly the only person in the world. All the other people have disappeared overnight. Like a mass alien abduction… what else could even come close to explaining such a freak thing. Unless this is all just a dream. Surely that’s it.

A month or so later you have to admit to yourself the dream theory is not working.

Other than the mystery of wondering where all the people went you are doing ok. You have plenty of resources since you don’t have to share anything. (The animals don’t count, they take care of themselves and don’t tend to bother you). The electric power and water are running just fine, no sign of a slow down. It must help that you use so little compared to how much was used when everyone was still here.

You’ve done all the things you thought you would ever do if you had all the time and resources in the world. Because, you do have all the time you want to do anything and everything. No one tells you not to.

It’s an odd feeling to be this alone in the world. Like driving a massive space ship all by yourself, you as the pilot, navigator, engineer, and everything else. Some days the world feels so huge when you thing of how big the planet is and how small you are. Some days the world feels small when you get into a good book and forget how alone you are.

Write about being alone in the world. How does it feel to be the only person on the planet? Describe the feelings of being this alone, create some metaphors to describe how you feel.

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