One for the Ideas Folder

The problem with having a lot of ideas is finding the time to do them all well enough to bring your original ideas to life. I’d like to do web comics/ cartoons. Like this idea I doodled above. Before I’d post this as a web comic I would draw it again, better, maybe give it some colour too.… Read the rest

Looking for a Vanilla Orchid to Wear

I know we should be gearing up for Christmas decorating, fashions and shopping. But, I’ve been inspired to find a vanilla orchid brooch. They are such fancy little flowers and I see them so often, each time I buy my favourite coffee, ice cream, and so on. I am a vanilla whore. I also adore caramel and if chocolate becomes involved… well, let’s just say I’m happy.… Read the rest

Is That a Fly…?

Glamor isn’t always about the standard pretty things like hearts and flowers and cupcakes. Glamour can have a bit of spirit, an edge and a dash of… something that makes you itchy and want to wash your hands.

This fly is from Lilien Czech and it’s actually a button, the type you sew on your sweater.… Read the rest

The Women of Blogger

I wrote a post (Women of WordPress) with links to women involved with WordPress. After I posted it I thought I shouldn’t overlook (Google) Blogger and the women who work with Blogger.

From those making templates, writing guides for other users and generally promoting the Blogger community. Here is my list of the women who develop, create and promote Blogger/ Blogspot.… Read the rest

Guide Your Guest Bloggers

If you want guest bloggers guide them to you. Create a page with directions for guest bloggers. Tell them what you expect, what you want from them and what you will give them in return for the posts you review and accept. My best suggestion is to write out a list of ideas and standards for each of the three points.… Read the rest

Sparkly Blue Snowflake

A flyer came to the house today. Among the pages I found a sparkly blue topaz and sterling silver pendant. The design is pretty and delicate. It would be lovely to wear on a bright snowy day.

To get your snowflake visit Crescent Diamonds.