Fairly Abnormal

You Are Fairly Abnormal in Love

When it comes to love, you definitely have your own take on things.
You love and hurt like everyone else, but your expectations and rules are different.
It may make it hard for you to feel understood. People don’t really get where you’re coming from.

Why You Are Normal in Love

You are normal because you think it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved.

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Write a Themed Niche Blog

You want to start a blog, something new and fresh that will keep you inspired to write it and bring in lots of people to read it. I still see a lot of people starting to blog and covering the same old road-weary topics like blogging and marketing and combinations of those. It’s a mistake. Few people have enough real credentials to claim to be experts in either blogging or online marketing, both are still too new and change too quickly.… Read the rest

Life Less Plastic

Life Less Plastic

This blog is about my quest to protect the environment and my health by reducing the amount of plastic I use everyday. From sharing ideas on how to buy fewer plastic-packaged products to posting information on how plastic negatively affects our world, I want to help myself and others live a Life Less Plastic.

Are you Your Own Grammar Nazi?

How tough are you on your own spelling, grammar, punctuation and typos? I think everyone should be watching for mistakes. Whether English is your first language or not, if you are using English you should be able to have basic skills. At the very least you should not be letting stuff get by that spellcheck would have caught.… Read the rest

Narrate Your Own Adventures

Have you ever written about yourself in the third person? I think about myself that way sometimes, narrating to myself in my head. I don’t know why. No doubt is has some deeply psychological meaning about how I see myself and myself in the world around me. Blah, blah, blah.

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Humour in Danger

Some of the best funny lines come when the characters in a story are in some kind of danger. About to be eaten by a dragon, about to be rolled over by a massive boulder, about to have the auditor tell them how much they really owe… all these are key points for humour. We use humour as stress release.… Read the rest