Tips for Giving Criticism

From All WomensTalk: 8 Tips for Giving and Receiving Criticism:

3. Don’t Say Always
Always is an incredibly long time! Don’t use always or never in your criticism. “You never…” is going to make the person feel under attack, and immediately go defensive. If you need to use times, use frequently, or sometimes. This is probably much more accurate anyway, and will stop you using ‘negative’ words!

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What is Your Writing Process?

Quoted from Whatever, in an interview with Kelley Armstrong (Canadian paranormal fiction writer). This is her reply when asked about her writing process and how it may have changed over the years she has been writing her books.

After seventeen books and countless pieces of short fiction, my process still changes. I think now, though, that it’s “shaking things up” rather than refining the process.

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Interview Warm Up Questions

Interview questions can seem pretty simple and straight forward but to pull out real information, real passion and have something beyond the standard interview you need to plan out your questions. Brainstorm for questions you want to ask, let one idea lead to another and then another. When you are satisfied that you can’t think of any more questions begin to plot your interview.… Read the rest

eHarmony has a lot to say


You are best described as:

Words that describe you:

A General Description of How You Interact with Others
You are important. So are other people, especially if they are in trouble. You have a tender heart, but you know how to establish and keep personal boundaries.… Read the rest

Dare to Rhyme

Rhymes have become something for children. We, as adults, are too sophisticated for the tall wall with the bouncy ball. Why? Once you get into it, going down a few lines at a time you find it gets harder and harder. Rhyming can be a real challenge. See if you can start with five lines, all rhyming but building a story that makes sense.Read the rest

Try a Cinquain

A cinquain poem is 5 lines long. It has a one word title. Two describing words. Three action words. Four feeling words. Then one synonym for the title (on the fifth line). Try one! Mine is below.

Open, mysterious.
Twisted, curving lips.
Curious, shy, never expected.

If you want to know more about cinquains:

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Dancing in the Rain

My friend, Amanda posted this on Facebook today. I don’t hear much from her since she moved out to western Canada (Alberta) but this was worth posting. Sounds like things are going well for her.

Life isn’t about how you survived the storm…’s about how you danced in the rain! :>))