Three Things to do This Month

Three Things to do This Month:

  1. Have a hot shower with your favourite scented body soap. Take time to pamper yourself, right down to trimming your toenails.
  2. Write a real letter to someone you love. A letter that takes up two full pages, is written on real paper and requires a stamp to get delivered.
  3. Go through your clothes closet.
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Misfits with Super Powers

I’m watching a UK show, Misfits. I like the idea of the show. A pack of teenaged misfits are sent to do community service. There’s a weird hail storm and they are blasted with something that gives each of them a super power: telepathy, invisibility, time bending, sex pot and the fifth is a mystery/ unknown.… Read the rest

Broomstick for Broken Wings

“Women are Angels And when someone breaks our wings…. We simply continue to fly……… on a broomstick.. . We are flexible like that …”

I found this on another site. Punctuation is messed up and I don’t know where it came from. But I think it’s clever. Now I’m going to dust off my broomstick and put away those broken wings.… Read the rest

Getting Started Each Day

I get a fine warm feeling when I’m doing well, but that pleasure is pretty much negated by the pain of getting started each day. Let’s face it, writing is hell. – William Styron

Do you have any tricks to help you get started each day or are you one of those really motivated, self disciplined types that don’t need any tricks?… Read the rest

Keep Working on it Kirstie Alley!

Kirstie Alley’s Big Life is better and more inspirational than watching all those Jenny Craig commercials. To see her actually exercising, going hiking and climbing those stairs… it is far more real than all the polished commericals ever were. I think before it seemed she had someone lose the weight for her, it was never real.… Read the rest

Family Recipe Cookbook

Create a cookbook of favourite family recipes and give everyone a copy. – This came from Homemakers print magazine (one of the ads actually). I think it’s a great idea. Not just for the women in the family, or the children who inherit the traditions of the family but for the daughters and sons in law too.… Read the rest

It’s Raining Alien Men

You may not have noticed but I like science fiction. I think about alien life. What they might be like, physically, mentally and culturally. There are endless options, more than we can know with our small database from our own experiences on this one planet. One fun thing is to imagine alien men. It’s fun.

Put some time into designing your own alien male.… Read the rest

No Title Today

I had some bad news from our extended family today. I am feeling sad. I never want to expect the worst when it is such a small part of the options out there. If you look down at your feet all the time that is all you will ever see.

Don’t forget you are alive and have basic good health any day of your life.… Read the rest