The Old Car Test

You Are Totally Stylish

If you were a car, you’d be sparkling clean and shiny. You always look good!
When it comes to the road of life, you like it when all eyes are on you. You’re the most polished car on the road.
You may get irritated while driving, but you always remain cool. You could never imagine honking at another driver.
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From Defying Gravity

Hell If I Know = H2IK

From the sci fi show, Defying Gravity. I’ve watched the show a few times, it’s confusing with popping around to the present and past frequently. So I haven’t really gotten into it. But, tonight, I like H2IK. Kind of fun to come up with short forms for common phrases. What can you come up with for a few you use often?… Read the rest

The Character Project Writing Exercise

Writing prompt from The Character Project:

That guy. The one over there in the red shirt. He’s been in here every day this week.

“That guy. The one over there in the red shirt. He’s been in here every day this week. He bought the breakfast platter and then two coffee refills after that. He read the newspaper, three times over, but still he sat right there all that time.… Read the rest

Fixed my WordPress List Formatting Glitch

I’ve made a few list posts, mostly bullet style. The problem was the formatting, all my points were crammed together in a solid block of text. It made the post kind of unsightly and not very easy (or desirable) to read. If I tried to add a space it would try to make it my next bullet.… Read the rest

Seed for US Only

AOL has a site for writers and photographers to get paid for the jobs they post. The site is called Seed but it is US only. Must be to do with legal and financial stuff. Posting the link for those in the US to follow up on it. Good luck!

Ranty Editor

Ranty Editor wants to teach the world spelling, grammar and punctuation one Twitter post at a time. Well worth following on Twitter.