The Spirit of the Wind

I’m writing with the wind today for Blog Action Day.

This year the theme is climate change. When I think about the climate I think about the wind and weather in general. The wind is part of every kind of weather. When it rains there is wind, not always gale force winds, something¬† little wind to help blow the rain around. When it snows there is almost always wind. I can’t think of a snowy day that didn’t feel that much colder cause the wind was blowing the cold air around. On a sunny day the wind makes the heat a little easier to take.¬† (So does ice cream!). I’ve seen photos of sand being blown by the wind, making gentle waving patterns like a Japanese garden nature made.

I love walking in the wind (if there’s rain too that just makes it better). There is so much power in the wind. No wonder wind farms are popping up all over Ontario, my province. Some people complain about the wind farms saying they make a lot of noise. We have parked right beside an actively spinning wind turbine and could hardly hear a sound. We had to turn off the car cause it was making far more noise than the turbine. Is turbine the right word? I’m mostly guessing on that.

One of the old sayings I picked up from someone, probably my Aunt Emma who lived in British Columbia, was about getting outside and having the cobwebs blown off of you. Wind has been a big part of our lives from the first creatures to drag themselves out of the water, before that even. The fish and underwater creatures feel the power of the wind at times too. I can watch the fish in our backyard pond for an hour. The fish themselves, the water plants, the bugs skimming the surface, the light bouncing on the water and the wind that comes along and moves them all.

Let the spirit of the wind move you!

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