What Kind of City Dweller are You?

You Are a Hip and Artsy City Dweller

You love that the city is always changing, and you’re always on top of the latest trends.

You don’t try to deliberately keep up, you’re just naturally curious. And because of your curiosity, you discover hidden gems just before they get popular.

You truly love the city, and you’re inspired by the urban landscape every day.

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Part of my Charm

Here I am, soon to be 45 and I can’t decide if I’m a witchy wise woman, a courtesan or a 1600’s era virgin, possible nun. I don’t know if I still blush but I feel self conscious and guilty every time I share my naughty thoughts, ideas and stories. As if that’s not something I should be doing.… Read the rest

Can You Write This Profile?

Mindful Meandering has Profile Stress: 

Putting together our adoption profile was very intense and extremely stressful. How on earth do you adequately capture on paper the essence of why a woman should choose you to raise her child?? How do you come across as likable?

There is a hard profile to write, this makes writing a profile for yourself on a dating site look simple.… Read the rest

How to Make a List of Your Interests

I don’t think you can make a real list of all the interesting things you like (whether you participate or observe them) in just a few minutes. There are so many elements to ourselves, so many things we have caught in passing and so much flashing through our minds at any given time. But, if we were to just make a slow and building list, I bet you would surprise yourself with how many interesting, kitschy and/ or unique things you have taken an interest in.… Read the rest

The Creature with Six Arms

Now and then in the media they depict aliens from other planets as creatures with multiple arms. I’ve seen drawings and real people on film wearing costumes to look like they have six arms, like a grasshopper or some other insect.

I was thinking this morning that you could do a lot with extra arms. Play the piano and clap at the same time and then use the last set of arms to fold your laundry.… Read the rest

Writing in the Great Hereafter

engardeToday (November 27th) would be my Dad’s birthday. I think he would be 77 years old. He isn’t here any more however. He died several years ago. We never got along well, he was not my best supporter in life or anything else. His theme in life seemed to be “Don’t bother” and those were, in fact, his last words in this life.… Read the rest