Try the “I’m a Great Artist Spell” for NaNoWriMo

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo (beginning November 1st) and Halloween (today as of this posting) I bring you…

I’m a Great Artist Spell from “How to Turn your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Spells” by Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray.

For this spell you will need: some peppermint tea, a mirror, a scarf made of natural materials and a red lipstick or crayon.

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Exchange of Realities

Erika Hoagland’s, Exchange of Realities, a blog about game writing (the written part of video games). It’s a nicely nichey blog topic. But she has quite a bit of off topic posts, due to writing for a blog network like Today I would guess. Still, I like seeing someone who found an interesting niche. Her posts about creating a character are good.… Read the rest

Some Mother’s Son

In so many TV shows and movies there is someone killed off in the first five minutes. Usually they were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Besides, someone has to illustrate the point that the situation is dangerous, the monster is real, etc. We seldom get a real introduction. Not often they even get a name, let alone a whole background, a family or a career.… Read the rest

Fantasy Names

Think up some fantasy names for characters. You don’t have to take them seriously, you never have to actually use them, just have fun creating them. Once you start, you’re going to be hooked! If you need a place to start remember, names are often based on a job someone was doing. Go from there.

  • Tree Bookhead
  • Tommy Deadwood
  • Shyla Wandwarner
  • Chey Wartgrabber
  • Bugsby Riverwinder
  • Elvensham Newtman
  • Angus Sapgrinder
  • Twillia Meadowlark
  • Ezekial Headtail
  • Ickabod Mouseshucker
  • Beardsley Wormcatcher
  • Imanda Toestubber
  • Petunia Potslammer

How To Build Your Own Web Directory

Once upon a time I was an editor in the great Dmoz (Open Directory Project) web directory. I stayed there about ten years as an active editor. Now I am editing in the BOTW directory. I still like adding sites, caring for and maintaining a list for a topic I am passionate about. However, it is nice to do so without anyone else making up the rules.… Read the rest

WordGrrls on Twitter Lists

Did you hear about Twitter Lists? I’ve set one up for WordGrrls. Still in beta so I can’t do more than set it in motion. But, later I will sort out all my followers into a group for writing posters and blogging posters. Will make it SO much easier to read all my Twitter people and not feel I miss far more than I catch.

7 WordPress Plugins I Don’t Really Need but Must Have Anyway

WordPress plugins that I love but don’t really need. (Why limit yourself to plugins you need?)

  • Drop Caps Plugin – Add a drop cap to the first letter of each blog post. (Makes me think of fairy tale books of old).
  • Personal Favicon – I had wanted an icon for awhile but could not find something to make it appear faithfully.
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Brittany’s Little Letters

First, take a look at the original post on Brittany’s blog – Not Your Everyday SuperGoddess.

Dear Adam’s sweatshirt,
Where are you? It is cold in the mornings and I miss your warmth.

Dear Cinnamon Bun Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream,
Where have you been all my life?

Dear Sarah,
Could you not lick your paws all night long while I am trying to sleep?

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