Broken Shoelaces Can’t be Retied

You can go back in time but you are only allowed to undo something, not to directly change anything. Think of it as a broken shoelace. You can untie the shoelace when it snaps but you can not retie it again.

What would you undo from your past life? How would making something not happen bring about changes to your present life?… Read the rest

First Commenter Club

First Commenter Club – I’m not clear on how it works really. Something to do with using Linkies. If someone knows tell me about it. I’ve read the site and I must be missing. In some odd way it’s just not clicking for me. It’s funny how sometimes you think too much about something that really is simple.… Read the rest

Monster Self Help Guides

Molly Harper writes a series of paranormal fiction books about Jane Jameson, vampire librarian. I just finished reading the second book this morning. So nice to be lazy and finish a book while snuggled under the covers in bed.

There was a preview of the next book in the series along with her traditional pretend book excerpt which appear at the start of each chapter in her books.… Read the rest

Dangly Chandelier Earrings

Imagine a great pair of dangly earrings, those fancy ones they call chandeliers. You inherit them from your Great Grandmother or maybe an admirer gifts them to you in all his high esteem and admiration. However they come to you they become an extension of your head almost. Only getting removed from your head when you have a shower or go to bed.… Read the rest

Create a Favicon

You can make a favicon but can you get it to work? I’m happy with the favicon images I made at but so far they are still not showing up on my site.

Night Time Typing

It’s funny how you can be in the same room with someone, both of you on the Internet, and not speak to each other. I’ve had the same thing happen when I was working as a technical support person. Each time we went for a break the table would be full of people all talking or texting on their cell phones.… Read the rest

Your Romantic Relationship Personal Best?

Your ideal romantic relationship is peaceful, romantic, and private.

This came up as a result from a quiz on It’s probably right. I do want something close, personal and cuddly. Not that I am all cuddly all the time. But, that is all a part of being close in mind and in body. Spirit too but that could be asking too much, besides I’m not looking for a complete clone of myself.… Read the rest

Set Your Lyrics

Every show on TV starts out with it’s own theme song. (If there is one that starts out silent I can’t think of it). Some of the theme songs are great, sentimental or powerful or just the sort of melody or lyrics to stick in your mind. With some theme songs you can hear a bit of it years later and remember the whole thing.… Read the rest