Hiding, Even from Yourself

“With lies you may go ahead in the world – but you can never go back” – Russian proverb.

You’re one of the great con artists. You’ve been doing it for years, making a very nice living at trickery of your fellow man (and woman). All is well until, you want to visit your parents in your home town to see them once more, they aren’t getting any younger.… Read the rest

There Goes the Neighbourhood

“Don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood.” – Russian proverb.

The new neighbours are a bit odd. You, actually, are the new neighbour. They were all here already, in the neighbourhood. Although you love the new house… the neighbours are starting to freak you out!

What is it about the neighbours that has you spooking and reconsidering this whole moving thing?

Howl for Your Life

“If you live among wolves you have to howl like a wolf.” – Russian proverb.

Out in the wilderness, the deep forest there are wolves, bears and cougars. You hear the bleeting of their prey as the predators close in. You, are one of the wolves. Last week you suddenly became a werewolf and have been living the life of the predator to the fullest.… Read the rest

Does Isolation Breed Contempt?

My mind is in the gutter today. I am just thinking smutty thoughts every time I get some quiet time to myself. I’ve been babysitting, cleaning and cooking so there hasn’t been much time to myself. Sometimes that makes me feel trapped. I don’t mind being a loner type, in fact, it’s just fine with me for long periods of time.… Read the rest

The Passion to Publish Your Own Words

Do you have the passion to publish your own words? I really like this quote, below, from the site of David J. Richardson and his guide to creating, publishing your own fanzine (zine for short).

First off, be very very sure you want to produce your ‘zine. It can be a very thankless arduous task, especially when you’ve got set publication dates.

Read the rest

& What You May Ask

A blog about ampersands. So what you ask? & what you should say!

A scribal abbreviation for and. Derived from the Latin word “et.” I like the ampersand. I think it is often the most attractive character of them all. This blog is an attempt to give this humble ligature the respect it deserves.

Go forth and watch for & in your everyday.… Read the rest

Oh My, Keanu!

There is a local woman making claims that Keanu Reeves is the Father of her four children. The children are mostly grown up now and she wants Keanu to pay her for their child support and her own common law (or some such idea) support retroactive to when they first got together. Keanu is not talking about it but his representative has commented to the newspaper, the local one.… Read the rest