Sports Writing Becomes You

I’m not a sports minded person but I have a friend who will always tell me the game scores, who is playing and I usually don’t remember enough to know which city each team is from. She still tells me about them anyway. I don’t mind, even if I’m not intensely interested, it matters to her after all.… Read the rest

Must Love Mosquitoes

I was out taking photos of abandoned places today. It rained all day so the mosquitoes were out in flocks. At one point I had a whole cloud of them buzzing around me, landing on me and sucking away. I still feel like I have them in my hair though I’ve been back a couple of hours and had a shower almost as soon as I got in the door.… Read the rest

Spiders in the Sink

During the last Great Amazing Spider Race, several spiders were lost down drains in bathtubs, shower stalls and sinks of all sorts. This is a real problem. Of course, it’s enough to be lost in the drain but all that oily, soapy water makes them smell and squeak for weeks, and few of them survive the experience at all.… Read the rest

The Neverending Blog Post

One thing about blogging that haunts me is the last post. If I were to be hit by a meteorite while crossing the street today, this would likely be my last blog post. The last thing I will have said to the world. I’d hope whatever my last post would turn out to be that it would be somewhat memorable, somewhat wise, somewhat silly, somewhat sarcastic and eccentric but in a good way.… Read the rest

Applying at LifeTips Network

I’m applying for a topic at LifeTips geared to Single Women.

Keep Romance Alive

Whether or not you’re dating someone special you can enjoy an evening of romance. Cook a nice dinner, set the table with all the trimmings, even candles if you have them or pick some up. Use napkins, add a flowers and a centerpiece on the table, serve wine, just as if you were setting things up like a fancy, glamorous restaurant.

Read the rest

The Unstoppable Itchiness of it All

My back has been itchy all this week. I’ve used the scrub brush in the shower, usually that works very well. Not this time. I think I’m becoming a were-creature of some sort. I’d prefer a dragon but if not that some kind of big cat would do.

Seriously, have you ever wondered what really makes you itch?… Read the rest

The Space Seed Adventure

A little seed fell down from outer space. Of course, it wasn’t an ordinary seed, otherwise it would have just burnt up in Earth’s atmosphere. Instead, it fell into an ordinary garden in an ordinary backyard in Ontario. The seed landed on a garden bed and luckily the gardener was watering that day. The seed was washed down into a crack in the dirt and surrounded by water.… Read the rest

Happy Summer

It’s too warm here today. Icky. I like the garden stuff in Summer but I don’t like the weather. Spring is much nicer, mild and sometimes rainy. I like that. Even Winter is easier to take than Summer. Sure the occasional storms can get pretty bad but still, I’m only freezing, not melting.

Happy Summer.

Anonymous Confession

What is the fascination with confessions? Do people lie so much and so easily that they have to take a moment of time to ease their conscience and blab all anonymously or to a religious person sworn not to tell all? I’ve seen magazines about True Confessions, I’ve come across websites with online confessions and I know about the Catholic thing with confessing in church.… Read the rest