The Red String Story

There are six pieces of cheese all displayed nicely on a plate for a dinner party. One piece of cheese has a bit of red string on it. The hostess hasn’t noticed it for some reason.

What is the story of the red string?

The Ninth Deadliest Disease

The ninth deadliest disease was kept in a small vial in a small laboratory in a small town in a small country. The ninth deadliest disease felt kind of forgotten, as if it just wasn’t all that important or dangerous or even deadly at all. So it decided to break free.

It started with a teeny, tiny crack in the bottom of the vial.… Read the rest

The Red Sock Celebration Thing

Celebrations aren’t just for victories. Sometimes you should celebrate just getting out of the house and doing something. When you are having a bad day, feeling ordinary or not even that good, try a pair of red socks. At least that’s what Julia Cameron wrote in Supplies: A Pilot’s Manual for Creative Flight.

“Red socks are a great way to celebrate.

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Local TV Channels Going PPV in Canada

I’ve signed the petitions for the local TV stations to get paid through the cable companies. I know this will mean another increase to my bill from Bell TV. I am even willing to pay another dollar or so per channel to keep watching A channel, CBC, CTV and etc.

Ideally, this would mean the local channels could stop running ads.… Read the rest

A Tongue of a Different Colour

You have a green tongue. No, it’s not from a Popsicle or candy or anything like that. Your tongue became green when you lost your sense of taste. You’re not suddenly a fashion disaster (cause I know someone will think up that idea) you just can’t taste anything.

Is the green tongue better or worse the time your tongue turned red and everything (even an ice cube) tasted very hot and spicy?… Read the rest

Spinning Perception

Tim Horton’s says you save ten cents on their coffee refills if you use the plastic mugs instead of the paper cups. They could have said you pay ten cents for the paper cups each time. But it sounds better to save ten cents than to be charged an extra ten cents.

My sister opened a business a few years ago.… Read the rest