Unsaid Words

“We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out” Winston Churchill.

In short, “shut up”. He was just more polite.

The L Word in Letter Form

I just sent a love letter to my nephew. He is 13, taller than I am and full of muscles from sports he has been doing. So strange to think of him as a young man versus the little towheaded boy I looked after. He is being bugged by his parents and Grandmother and family friends about what he will do this summer.… Read the rest

Demonstrating the One Question Interview

Question – If you could hire a professional writer for your blog, would you choose to do so or keep writing your own content for yourself?

Canucklehead – I would continue to write myself. Visitors of Canucklehead have come to expect and in an odd way enjoy the mindless, barely legible way I write and I’m afraid writing that was in any way professional would frighten and/or confuse them.… Read the rest

Watering your Fish

Fish like being watered. Not a heavy, hard water but a light, gentle water. They swim all around the water from the hose when I spray them. Just love it! I think someone should design a theme park for goldfish, just those in ponds cause the goldfish in bowls are just too tanked to really appreciate a good theme park.… Read the rest