Garden Ring

Lots of pretty things on the Swarovski site but this one was especially pretty and I thought the idea was clever. Wouldn’t be a ring you could wear everyday – it would get caught on things and be in danger of being damaged – but quite eye catching.

Belated Valentines

In the Spirit of Valentines, just a week or so late….

Your Valentine’s Day Personality is Friendly

You think of Valentine’s Day as the perfect chance to show people you care.

It’s not exclusively a romantic holiday for you. You like to celebrate with your friends too.

Valentine’s Day makes you nostalgic for cute cards and cheap candies.

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Dragon Droppings Can Be a Problem

The people of your village are demanding all the dragons be made to use poop and scoop baggies. This isn’t very practical however as the increase in plastic production would not be at all good for the environment. Plus, the dragons themselves are insulted and threatening to burn the offending villagers to a crisp. Farmers from outside the village are asking for the dragon droppings cause they have been excellent fertilizer.… Read the rest

We No Longer Hunt Goldfish

We no longer hunt goldfish.

You read the above posted outside an abandoned city zoo. What is the possible story behind that? Whatever it is, you know it’s going to be unusual and yet make sense in some odd way. Don’t those kind of things always make sense, eventually?