You’ve Been Vista-ed!

Old games never die they just need old operating systems. It’s frustrating to have all these games which I really enjoy (especially when Zack, my nephew, is visiting, as he is for a couple of weeks) but not be able to get most of them working on the new computer running Vista. Carmageddon, my favourite, runs but without the sound. It is still fun but kind of bland to play it silently. Most of the others will not even load up at all.

New games are expensive. Not all the games I like have new versions. Like Carmageddon they stopped development on them and even though there is talk about a new Carmageddon I’ve yet to see anything new in the store.

Why can’t they make an operating system (a Windows in my case) that works with the old games? Why do they intentionally eliminate old software and force us to buy new software? I wish they would cut that out!

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