Your Whale Song

You’re on a leaking boat in the middle of the ocean. We won’t go into the details of how you ended up there, it’s just another annoying story about an insurance scam gone wrong. So there you are, slowly sinking. The waves are nice. Getting kind of big. Even knowing you’re likely to drown you can sit back and enjoy the majesty and power of the waves as they carry you to your doom.

You notice a sparkle of metal at the bottom of the boat, under the water. It’s a flute. Deciding you’re not doing much else you begin to play. Takes a bit for the water to blow out before it makes any musical sound. But, it keeps your hands busy for awhile.

Whales begin to surround you. Just one at first. As you keep playing (lets be honest, it’s more like flute noise than flute music, you never learned how to play the flute) more whales show up. Soon they are actually holding your boat on their backs, out of the water. You’re not sinking and the water is even draining out now instead of in. You keep playing, thinking that as long as the whales hang around you can at least enjoy a little more time to feel the spray of the ocean on your face. Likely they’ll get tired of listening to you and wander off eventually.

They don’t. Those lovely whales actually drop your boat off on the shore. Up the beach you can see a hotel. The sign even seems to be in English. What last flute song do you play to thank the whales before you pick up your water logged purse and run up the beach?