Your Naked Head

You’re having a really bad hair day. So bad… your hair gets all ticked off and goes on strike, walking right off your head and off to… somewhere. You try to follow your hair, try to grab it back and plead with it to give you a chance to make things better up there on top of your head. But, your hair just keeps moving until it slips around a corner and you lose sight of it.

So now you’re bald. Not so bad, not the end of the world.

What does your naked head look like? All your life (the parts you can remember) your hair has covered and concealed your head. What does it really look like under there? Think of it as your own first walk on the moon… what does your head really look like?

2 thoughts on “Your Naked Head”

  1. Yay! I’ve found laura again! Thanks for dropping by my blog – I didn’t really disappear, but sometimes it seems like it to others because our holidays are at different times of the year! My naked head, mm, interesting concept. It’d have to look better than Dr Evil’s, wouldn’t it?! I hope I don’t have one of those pointy heads under there.

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