Your Friend Eats Flies

Your friend gets into voodoo. She says it’s grey magic… but that doesn’t do much for you when you visit and see chickens hanging from the rafters along with a lot of dried herbs. You really get suspicious when you catch her pulling stray hair from your brush and picking the garbage for your nail clippings. Suddenly her idea for a girl’s night isn’t just about hair styles and bra freezing.

Luckily… you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeves… Genie in a Can!

The Genie in a Bottle was too expensive but Genie in a Can promises to protect you from any murky magic of the un-white kind.

Unfortunately the Genie is both temperamental and bumbling. He turns your friend into a toad and considers that his job done. So now you’ve got a toad for a friend. What do you do with her?