Worms are People Too

A really annoying wizard has just turned you into a worm. As you’re tunneling down through the garden you find an odd looking seed. Of course, it is the size of a boulder to you now and, really, most seeds look odd. Still, there is something unusually odd about this seed. You can’t move it, far too big for you as a worm. But you squirm around it give it a couple of pokes. It gets a tiny crack and a root pushes out. Right in front of you it starts to grow, leaves shoot out and grow up towards the sunlight. Curious to see the plant above the soil you dig and squirm your way up. It’s already sprouting a few flower buds. Someone must have really dumped on the Quick Gro. In a few minutes it has flowers, red and shiny petals, like a softer version of a lily. In another hour the flowers have gone through their whole life cycle and are now seed pods, ripening at the end of their stalks. One drops off right near you. It splits open and a new batch of seeds splatters all over the garden.

You decide to mosey along, see if you can’t find that wizard and get changed back into yourself again. But you are stuck. Totally dried out and immobile, like a worm caught out in the open on the pavement after the rain. It’s painful too. You didn’t feel it as long as you were staying still looking at the flower, your attention absorbed.

You need to find water, right away. Or maybe you can remember that spell to make it rain…. How does that one go again?

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