What if… Just Suppose…

What if… just suppose… Sleeping Beauty didn’t wake up when the Prince kissed her. Maybe he just had really awful bad breath and she was knocked right out again.

What if… just suppose… Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the Wolf before she ever got to Grandma’s house. Maybe the Wolf was a fan of horror movies and knew the bad guy always loses if he waits for the end of the movie to make his big move.

What if… just suppose… Belle of Beauty and the Beast wasn’t much of an animal lover and she didn’t care for roses all that much either. Maybe she took one look at the Beast and just left her Father to deal with his own problems.

What if… just suppose… Jack slipped while climbing up the Beanstalk. Maybe trading the cow for magic beans wasn’t such a great deal after all.

What if… just suppose… It’s your turn now.

1 thought on “What if… Just Suppose…”

  1. What is probably more likely is that Sleeping Beauty would have the bad breath. I mean, morning breath is awful after just eight hours; imagine how ghastly it would be after 100 years! I think the Prince would truly be a prince if he hung around with Smelly Beauty.

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