Warm Fuzzy Feelings in a Letter

You meet someone interesting, in a very personal way. Things go well during the first conversation and by the end of the time you spend together he is finding little reasons to touch you. A pat on your arm, stroking your back while you stand at a traffic light and then the very lovely, gentle kiss at your door.

He phones to say he has to go out of town unexpectedly but asks that you contact him. Twice he repeats his phone number but says he can only be reached by mail until he gets back. He repeats the mailing address twice too and says how great it would be to hear from you and promises to write back.

So you write a letter. It is surprising how much you begin to enjoy it, like therapy to write to someone who was so kind and caring. You write more than you feel completely comfortable writing. some very personal things about your past. Things you wouldn’t likely have said in person until you really knew him a lot better. But, you mail the letter anyway.

After doubt sets in and you reconsider. Too late though. You can’t unmail a letter. Likely your letter with too much intimacy will scare him off. There is no reply, or phone call or email for several days, then a full week. Then, a letter!

What do you hope he will write? What would be the best reply you would get a warm and positive feeling from? Write the letter you would love to get in reply.

1 thought on “Warm Fuzzy Feelings in a Letter”

  1. It was good to receive your letter. I too share similar feelings and am looking forward to my return so that we can meet and spend some more quality time with one another.

    I hope you’re well. Take care and see you very soon.

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