Too Many Left Feet

You walk through a weird mist downtown. At first it just makes you cough awhile and then you move on and nearly forget about it until you start growing another hand. Now, a third hand could be kind of useful at times but it really isn’t all that easy to use or easy to hide when the hand in question is growing out of your belly. Not to mention how hard it is to find clothes that fit when your waistline is expanding due to an extra hand.

Looks like you are stuck with it. Now and then it comes in handy.

However, when you get that eye in the back of your head… now that is just too good to be true. Everyone wonders how you can see what they are doing behind your back. You win all kinds of money making bets about how many fingers they are holding up and so on.

After awhile you develop an extra foot on the small of your back. This really isn’t attractive looking. As if the extra hand and the eye weren’t enough to cramp your dating style…

So you go downtown again, see if you can find where the mist came from. Maybe there is a way to get back to just being human again. There is but you have to keep the eye in the back of your head. They can only remove two of the extra odd extremities and the foot and hand are more likely to be removed safely. They will leave scars though. How will you explain the scar on your belly and the other on your back? They nearly line up, as if you were speared right through. Come up with a creative story to explain the scars without getting into the whole thing about the weird mist and the extra appendages. After all, anyone hearing all of that will think you are just a complete weirdo!