Thursday Thirteen #26: Doodling Essentials

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I have used for blog doodles:

A pink breast cancer floaty pen (it has a great fine point).

A pack of pencil crayons.

A pack of felt tipped markers.

A Lotus pen I found in a backpack I bought at the thrift store.

My HP Photo Scanner, my treat to myself after getting divorced.

Microsoft Image Composer (It came with FrontPage).

Plain, blank, unlined white paper bought at Zellers.

Napkins from the coffee shops and fast food places around Ontario.

My Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 digital camera.

A black fine tip marker which I bought at Walmart, it ended up leaking all over me each time I used it so it was soon retired.

A set of colourful gel pens which are a bit too much on the light side to be used often.

An official doodle pad with coloured paper which is fun to draw on but scans on the dark and dreary side.

Post It note pads, yellow and blue.

Zack is here, just after I posted my list. He says he should be on my list cause he gives me ideas.

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