Three Things with G

It’s a regular sunny day, at the end of winter. You’re out at the bust stop, waiting to catch a bus out to the mall for a bit of window shopping. A man leading a camera crew approaches you and asks if you’ve got any guy, candy or mints.

You offer him a stick of gum, it hasn’t been in the bottom of your purse too long.

He says if you can find three more things in your purse that start with the letter G you will win $10,000 in cash, right now. It’s a new game show they have begun filming. Can you think of three things that start with G, they’d have to be in your purse on an average day, no special event or occasion.

3 thoughts on “Three Things with G”

  1. I’ll go get the wife’s purse and have a rummage.

    – Garments (spare clothing for our daughter)

    – Gadgets (a swiss army kinfe)

    ehh, this is tough, you can keep the 10 G’s

  2. That’s a nice one 🙂

    – Glasses (I don’t wear them all the time so they rest in the purse until needed)

    – Glue (No woman should go out of home without super glue for emergencies)

    … Well, number 3 drives me crazy…

    – Gathered business cards (I stored a lot actually)

  3. I have: green pen, gloop cream for zits and that is about it. I did have glitter but left that with my nieces already.

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