The Title of Your Divorce

You’ve been giving the project of writing a book about getting divorced. It’s to be a sarcastic and humourous take on divorce and the publisher wants some dark humour about getting rid of the body, etc.

Before you get more than an outline together she wants you to create the title for the book. Something she can start pitching and begin building publicity for. What title do you come up with?

1 thought on “The Title of Your Divorce”

  1. Let me give it a try. I am not very much on titles but this would be fun.

    “Dishing the Soured Cream”

    ” My Much Awaited Liberty”

    ” Looking Forward to Freedom”

    Was it supposed to be humorous?

    “I Say Yes,He Says No.”

    “The Dog Scampered of the Dog Pen”

    “The Day, The Angels Sang”

    “Whoa, I’m Free!”

    Happy blogging.

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