The Sparkling Silver Toad

There’s a weird looking toad in the park. You see it as you are walking along, it catches your eye cause you’re sure you have never seen a sparkling silver toad before. Not one that is actually alive anyway. At first you wonder if some kid is pulling a prank or has spray painted the poor thing. But, no, it seems to be a perfectly healthy, alive and real, toad.

What an amazing find. You could be rich and famous for this discovery. Just think of all the places that would like to see such a creature as a sparkling silver toad.

All you have to do is pick it up and take it. But, you’re not all that fond of toads and creepy crawlies in general. Still, this could change your life, for the better. You steel your nerves and the ick factor and pick up the toad. It’s not so bad. The toad isn’t even squirming or trying to jump out of your hands. Which is a good thing cause it is still creepy even if it’s not currently crawlie.

Walking along to the park exit you start to feel the toad really isn’t all that bad. Not so different from holding a cat really. Just different skin and really, it’s about the size of a kitten. Not cute, you wouldn’t go that far. But, not as yucky as you had expected. In fact, thinking about the fame and fortune to come… all that stuff you could pay off, buy or do… You raise your hands and look at the toad, face to face. That big mouth looks like a big smile. His toad eyes are kind of unblinking but there is a calmness about him, not pretty but kind of nice. You lean in and impulsively kiss the toad.

With a flash of light…. the toad turns into a man. He isn’t still in your hands but standing on his own two feet right in front of you. That’s a little bizarre.

He introduces himself and gives that old fairy tale about being a handsome Prince turned into a toad by a so called Wicked Witch after he ran over her cat with his sports car. He still doesn’t sound very sorry about the whole cat thing. The only real addition to the usual fairy tale is that you have the power to turn him back into a silvery toad again. Interesting… he just kind of glosses over that, assuming you will be all too glad to have found a handsome Prince for yourself.

He talks about how he will marry you and give you access to his castle, cars, and let you have some cash to spend each month. You can pay off your stuff, take some trips and all of that. But, with him and from what he chooses to give you.

So, now comes the big question… Do you keep your handsome Prince, get married and wander off into his sunset? Or, do you turn him back into a silver, sparkling toad and get your own fame and fortune leaving him as a toad for the rest of his life?