The Solitary Vagabond Blues

You’ve been vagabonding around, exploring other cultures, other planets and learning a lot of new and interesting things. The most interesting thing was on the planet you visited just last Spring the natives had some custom where if a woman and man touched skin to skin they became promised in that planet’s version of marriage. Since then you’ve had a really interesting alien guy following you around, declaring himself to belong to you forever.

Kind of nice in a sappy, romantic way. He’s not so bad really. He pays his own way too. Once he learned you are from Earth he began learning all your customs too. So now he opens doors, buys flowers and even makes attempts at writing poetry to your eyelashes. It’s not all bad. But, he does get in the way. After all, you weren’t planning to take on a partner any time soon. There are so many more planets to be explored. He really wants to make a home, with you.

So what do you do with him?

3 thoughts on “The Solitary Vagabond Blues”

  1. Oh, what a very cool post- I had to read it twice, but you’ve created a great writing prompt, form one angle, but withion itself, a fantastic piece. i look Forward to seeing more of your work = )


  2. I mis-read all those signals and instead, fell for him. I figured, “He’s so nice, and doesn’t do cocaine…how could I go wrong?” I stayed a while. I put off my adventures, just for a little while, I thought. And a little while turned into weeks. So finally, I just touched him, gently, just on the end of his ear. He shivered and smiled. We were married. I met his family. They looked a little too stunned to meet me, but I only halfway noticed. He continued to be so kind, always attentive, always thinking of me first. But I started to get restless. I started to wish that instead of working from home, he had to go to a job, across town, somewhere…else. I asked him where the nearest park was, and he said, “Oh, just wait for a sec, I’ll finish this one email, and then we can go together!” That wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

    Man…this is fun…I could go on forever. But I won’t. I’m glad I found you on EntreCard!

  3. Thanks. It was fun reading your story. 😀 My ex husband was agoraphobic. It was a lot like the guy in your story, he didn’t want to go anywhere without me. Yet I loved to go anywhere without him. At least sometimes.

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