The Old Woman

An elderly woman lives across the street. Her house is shabby looking, the yard is overgrown, windows are dirty and paint is peeling and worn in many places all over the outside of the house. You’ve never been over to see how it looks inside. You imagine hundreds of cats, stacks of newspapers and other garbage all piled up and dust bunnies running wild to say the least.

You’re outside one day and see her trying to trim some weeds along the path from the house to the sidewalk. She isn’t moving very well or easily. You go over to help her out. What happens from there? What do you find out about her as you work and talk with her?

2 thoughts on “The Old Woman”

  1. I love your writing prompts- Inspiration can be black magic, sometimes, but with prompts like these, who needs black magic- keep it up- you are making a massive difference to writers EVERYWHERE = )

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