The Great Tea Party Festival

It’s the Great Tea Party Festival! You dress up in something light and frilly and bring out your prettiest china to serve the tea and dainty little cakes. The table is set with a lace tablecloth, flowery cloth napkins, your best china (with a floral pattern of course) and there are roses in a vase as your centrepiece. It’s beautiful, like something out of a Victorian fashion magazine.

Your friends and their daughters come over and everyone has a great time at the Great Tea Party Festival. After the clean up you are free to go out and walk down Main Street with everyone else for the Great Tea Party Festival Parade. All the women (and some of the men) parade down the street wearing their tea party dresses. A few men are all dressed up in old fashioned suits with hats and gloves and they join the parade too.

It all ends just as the light is fading into evening and everyone gathers at the Community Centre for a little socializing and a bake sale.

What kind of tea did you serve at your Great Tea Party Festival?