The Book That Knows Everything

A handsome young man in a business suit stops you in the street. Your first thought is to feel flattered that such an interesting looking guy picked you to chat with. Just as you’re about to flip your hair and smile he gives you a piece of paper and walks away. You watch, but he doesn’t turn back. Just gone, just like that. Well, that was disappointing.

You nearly forget the bit of paper but glance at it, wondering if that was his way of just being mysterious. It turns out it was actually an envelope, inside there is a key with directions to what it opens.

Well, that’s kind of weird. But, you have the day off work, why not take a look? Turns out it is a locker at the bus station. Very busy there and even a nice looking coffee shop that seems worth a visit before you turn around and go back. The locker isn’t too hard to find, turns out it was right near the coffee shop, that was nice and tidy.

There is a book in the locker. One of those really old looking ones with a genuine hard cover. It’s even dusty and slightly mildewed. Not so great for your allergies. The cover says, “Everything There is to Know.” As if everything would fit into one book. You open the book. Inside the front cover is a handwritten dedication, to you. That’s just a little too bizarre. Feeling kind of funny about the whole thing, you can’t resist flipping open to a page.

Turns out the book isn’t actually about knowledge. It’s about fate. On page 1,064 you begin reading about your last boyfriend, the book shows his past, present and future, right up to his death crossing the street and being hit by a drunk driver on New Year’s Eve, two years from now. The book closes in your hands as your jaw drops and you get that sick, sinking feeling in your stomach. This really is more than you wanted to know, isn’t it?

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