The Alien Bachelor Dating Game

You win the lottery on the planet Murch. Go you! The prize… well, it’s not quite what you expected. Seems the lottery on Murch isn’t about money, cash or even anything of financial value exactly.

On the bright side… the men of Murch are fairly human looking and you do get your pick of them, as long as they’re single and their third arm isn’t broken. The third arm thing is a Murch wedding tradition, the groom must be able to lift his bride and all their gortkins (kind of like goats) over the wedding bed.

There are other interesting traditions but you don’t have time for those now. You’ve got a groom to pick! They parade bachelors past you a dozen at a time. You get to ask each guy a question. You can’t ask just one question over and over though. The Murch Ambassador suggests you get at least 10 questions prepared in advance. So, what are they…?