Strangely Weird Boss Tales

Your boss is yelling at you, again. You’re wondering how long he’s going to keep spewing and ranting. His record is an hour and a half. You’ve got a date for dinner after work and you’d rather not miss it, especially not for this.

For at least a full minute you don’t even realize he went silent after the sudden blast. Then you look around and see goop coating everything in the office, yourself included. What a mess. Still takes you a moment more to realize you’re alone in the office now. Your boss exploded all over the walls. Sure you heard of spontaneous combustion but never expected to be in the same room with it.

Wow… pretty impressive in a dark sort of way. Co-workers are knocking at the door now, calling out to see if everyone is ok. They all heard the explosion apparently.

How are you going to explain this one? Your last boss was taken away by aliens from another planet. Before that it was a Gypsy curse. Somehow they just aren’t going to keep believing it’s all a strangely weird co-incidence that three of your bosses have suddenly been killed off in pretty gross ways.

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